Business partner


“Debra was an excellent business partner, someone that I could rely on for an accurate assessment of the business and creative ideas to achieve results. She is a quick study who needs very little direction and someone that can always be counted on to add value.”

Former VP, Sun Microsystems, Channel

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The ability to pivot and think like the customer remains the key to a successful marketing program.  Whether setting up a plan for channel partners, a small business owner, or large corporation, rest assured, we will remain laser focused on results. 


 “If I was constructing a Marketing team, I would hire Debra on the spot. Debra is a denizen of Marketing - she gets what Marketing is about, where it's come from and where it's heading. She gets the Internet, social media, SEO, SEM, communities, the gamut of rapid changes taking place, how those changes impact selling strategies and how Marketing can/should align. 

She gets the tone of the Internet and how corporations must change their branding, positioning and messaging in such a way as to make them more open, authentic and engaging. 

She gets that consistency with a methodical approach win the long-game - in other words, Marketing principles applied with technology and follow-through can yield great results. She is constantly on the search for more insights and perspectives on Marketing, from Seth Godin to Guy Kawasaki to Scott Stratten and more. This focus is a complement to a very rich set of Marketing experiences and knowledge across a variety of industry and responsibilities. Debra commits. She commits to deliver high-grade results at all times. 

She commits to the organization she works for. She commits to give valuable insights and ideas to move the organization and company forward. As a result, her work ethic is outstanding. Her commitment to her team is brilliant. Let her run and she'll post strong numbers for you in the marathon. In business, she is simply an A-player.

David Lorti -- Entrepreneur and Sr. Product Marketing Professional 

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Contact me for help with Marketing planning, strategy development, tactical deployment, and How to Sell with a Story.  

Sales support


“Debra is instrumental to my success as a sales professional. Her extensive knowledge of the market and the individual verticals within give me the ability to identify and attack opportunities that otherwise would not have surfaced armed with tools that I otherwise would not have had. Her ability to listen, analyze, and produce swift and creative solutions repeatedly allows us to approach a potential client with the confidence that we have what we need to close the deal.”

John Skinner, former Account Rep., Internap

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