Marketing for small & enterprise businesses


Content must be fresh. And personal.

Marketing as a discipline is a complex mix of understanding the customer, understanding the channels to marketing, and the product solution set that satisfies a need. 

Content is delivered in short spurts, but every word matters. Stories must be relevant.  And memorable.  


Thinking like your prospect

Classic marketing experience is not dead. 

The best leaders in marketing are those who have had experience in marketing research and other analytical pursuits in the quest for understanding the prospect/customer. 

They also must understand how to tell a story. And they must understand how to position the product/services suite in a manner that is totally unique. 

Without a unique selling proposition, you cannot break through the clutter. Being an also-ran is not the best path to break-away success.


Channels are changing

How does your business fit into your busy prospect's life?  There is no one size fits all.  You need to understand if your prospect responds to targeted advertising or peer recommendations?  Are they more likely to pay attention while connecting with friends on Facebook or while viewing a training video on YouTube?